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Independent Sector Mental Health Hospital Procurement


Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) commission services to provide mental health recovery and rehabilitation from Independent Sector Mental Health Hospitals (ISMHs). These services are predominantly provided for individuals detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA), and should ideally form the higher needs part of a wider mental health recovery pathway comprising of a wide variety of community and hospital based services designed to enable service users to engage with an agreed recovery, treatment and support plan to work towards a stage where they can safely step down into the least restrictive and most independent setting possible.


It is the intention of the eight Lancashire CCGs to lead a procurement process for an NHS funded independent Mental Health (MH) hospital service provision. This provision will be predominantly for those people requiring MH recovery and rehabilitation, although it is also for the provision of longer term mental health placements for those patients with a current limited potential for recovery. Blackburn with Darwen CCG (BwD CCG) will lead on the procurement for health funded Independent Sector MH Hospitals (ISMH) on behalf of all the Lancashire CCGs.

Lancashire County Council will lead the procurement on the joint health and local authority funded community services comprising the MH Recovery and rehabilitation pathway from domiciliary support up to and including nursing home provision. The two parallel procurements will ensure there is a full pathway of services and supports available for people with mental health recovery and rehabilitation needs wherever they find themselves in their recovery journey.


The aim of ISMH service is to provide hospital based recovery focused treatment and support for citizens of Lancashire with mental health needs appropriate to the services offered. The main objective is to ensure that the individual patient placed within the service can benefit from a period of recovery and rehabilitation to ensure they can be stepped down to the least restrictive environment possible to meet their needs.

The service will also cater to those patients not on a recovery/ rehab pathway that require the services of a MH hospital environment. To achieve the service outcomes the Providers will;

  • Promote the independence of Service Users through an enabling approach


  • Work with Service Users to achieve the outcomes in their care and support plans and to maximise independence


  • Support Patients/ Service Users to engage with treatment and therapy


  • Support Service Users to improve their mental health and wellbeing

Procurement Objectives

The majority of the Lancashire patients placed in these independent hospitals are on a recovery and rehabilitation pathway, and are in receipt of care and support interventions aimed at enabling the individuals to reach a stage where they are ready to step down into less restrictive residential services, or even return to their own homes.

These two elements will operate across health and social care to ensure that we achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Collaborative commissioning between Health and Social Care – tested and agreed joint commissioning arrangements


  • Developing the Mental Health Pathway – having an agreed model of care for MH recovery and rehabilitation that contributes to the whole system pathway


  • Strengthening the joint approach to contracting – by being clear with providers about our requirements, that there are robust contracts in place and there is greater emphasis on quality, standards, performance and monitoring.


  • Shaping the market – by being specific about the number of providers we contract with, and promoting a sustainable and responsive market for MH recovery and rehabilitation services.


We wish to consult with providers about our intended approach prior to recommissioning the ISMH service and commencing a procurement exercise. This consultation will comprise of:

  • Q&A’s to gather feedback from ISMH providers on the draft contract documents i.e. the service specification, quality schedule and framework


  • Feedback used to shape the way we work we moving forward


  • A provider consultation event to be held on the 21st October

To access the questionnaire, please click on this link – Independent Sector Mental Health Hospital Procurement S (6) (docx | 726.0 KiB)

We would welcome a response from your organisation – if you wish to do so please reply no later than 03/10/16 by emailing Sophie Riding, sophie.riding@nhs.net

Details of the Lancashire County Council led mental health recovery and rehabilitation procurement consultation can be found by clicking this link: https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=147281034718