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Getting a good night’s sleep

How can I help my child?

We need to have a good night’s sleep in our bed so we are full of energy and fit to play and learn the next day.

Children who have enough sleep are also more likely to function better. Sleep promotes alertness, memory and performance and children who have enough sleep are less prone to moodiness and behaviour problems.

As we sleep our bodies are busy growing and getting better if we are ill or have injuries. Our brains also remember what we have learnt and store the learning for the future.

All babies are different, it takes time to establish a regular sleep pattern. Try to have a good bedtime routine so your baby learns the difference between day and night. It is better to let babies learn to fall asleep on their own rather than being rocked to sleep.

Bedtime routine

Encouraging good habits


Don't permit your child to fall asleep watching the TV.


Make sure your child goes to sleep in the place where they will spend the night.


Establish a regular bedtime routine for your child.

If you are worried, contact your Health Visitor or your GP.