NHS Blackburn with Darwen CCG

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Our mission, values and aims


The CCG’s vision is;

‘to deliver effective, efficient, high quality, safe, integrated care. This will improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Blackburn with Darwen and help people live better for longer, reducing health inequalities and improving outcomes in the borough’.

The group will promote good governance and proper stewardship of public resources in pursuance of its goals and in meeting its statutory duties.


Good corporate governance arrangements are critical to achieving the group’s objectives. Our values which lie at the heart of our work have helped us identify our central goals and mean we are determined that;

We will improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for patients and the local population.


    • We will promote co-operation and integration before competition and fragmentation.


    • We will ensure GP Leadership is the central force to effect change and improvement.


    • We will develop transparency and trust to ensure positive relationships.


    • We will be a “can-do”, innovative organisation, looking for solutions rather than problems.


    • We will plan and redesign services be guided by “needs” rather than “wants” using the     “principles of commissioning”


    • We will maintain financial balance and stability within the whole health economy.


    • We will promote empowerment (i.e. engagement, involvement and choice) for everyone; to go   hand-in-hand with responsibility and accountability.


    • We will endeavour to support the local economy in our commissioning plans where appropriate.


    • We will strive for high quality and efficiency.


    • We will develop a workforce that feels valued, motivated and inspired with high morale. This will be achieved through: involvement, engagement,empowerment and accountability. We will also continually   develop our workforce at all levels.


    • We will be outcome driven not process driven.


    • We will develop and expand primary care (inclusive of all care outside an acute care environment) and in particular community orientated primary care.


    • We will support colleagues to say no where appropriate.


The aim of the Blackburn with Darwen CCG is to;

Act as a body that will discharge commissioning responsibility on behalf of its members.


Our Engagement Principles

Relationships will be conducted with equality and respect.

Listen and truly hear what is being said, proactively seeking participation from communities who experience the greatest health inequalities and poorest health outcomes.

Use the strengths and talents that people bring to the table.

Respect and encourage different beliefs and opinions.

Recognise, record and reward people’s contributions.

Use plain language, and openly share information.

Understand what’s worked in the past, and use knowledge that has previously been shared, and consider how to apply it to the present and future.

Have a shared goal and take joint responsibility for our work.

Take time to plan well.

Start involving people as early as possible.

Give feedback on the results of people’s participation.

Provide support, training and the right kind of leadership, so that people can work, learn and improve together.