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Primary Care Commissioning

As of 1st April 2015 NHS Blackburn with Darwen CCG have taken on fully delegated responsibility from NHS England to commission primary care services in the borough. The CCG is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the residents of Blackburn with Darwen and view the introduction of delegated commissioning as an essential step in strengthening the delivery of primary care.

There is a memorandum of understanding drawn up which sets out the areas which are now delegated and these concerned functions related to General Practice. However it is envisaged that the scope may widen to include Pharmacy dental and optical services in the future.

To oversee this work the CCG has established a Primary Care Commissioning Committee which will meet in public on a bi-monthly basis. The function of the committee will be to make decisions relating to the review, planning and procurement of primary care in Blackburn with Darwen.

Members of the public are welcome to attend, however we do ask that any questions are submitted in accordance with the following protocol.

Public meetings may be stepped down if there is insufficient business need, however adequate notice will be given to the committee and members of the public in this eventuality.

PCCC Protocol for Questions from Members of the Public (doc | 88.6 KB)

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