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Advice for parents/carers of children

Advice for parents/carers of children

Concerns have been raised by paediatric colleagues across the country that the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) emergency could be causing children more harm. In reality more children present with sepis than COVID but because the symptoms of sepsis (a life-threatening reaction to an infection and also referred to as blood poisoning) can be very vague and hard to spot especially in babies and young children, and be very similar to other conditions such as COVID, they are being managed as such.  This means they are not always being seen quick enough or by the right service. 

Clinicians across Pennine Lancashire are urging their colleagues, and parents/carers to use the ‘traffic light’ system developed by The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) when a child is poorly and a decision needs to be made of when and where to seek help.

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