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Award winning cancer doctor urges local men to better understand symptoms of prostate cancer

Award winning cancer doctor urges local men to better understand symptoms of prostate cancer

An award-winning cancer GP working across the Blackburn with Darwen and East Lancashire areas is supporting prostate cancer awareness month this March and hoping to educate local men about the disease.

Prostate cancer is the commonest cancer in men. It affects 1 in 8 of men, mainly over 50 and increases with age. Many men don’t understand the importance of symptoms and some chose to ignore them.

Dr Neil Smith is a local GP based at Oakenhurst Surgery, Barbara Castle Way Health centre, is GP of the year and has won multiple awards for his cancer work. He is also stadium doctor a Ewood Park and organised a campaign at Blackburn Rovers before the game against Blackpool. With the help of Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK and Prostate Cancer UK, almost 4000 men, including staff and some of the players,  received information about cancer. The charities received a warm welcome and described Ewood Park as one of the friendliest place they have ever visited.

Dr Smith said “the early symptoms of prostate cancer can include; difficulty starting to pee; needing to pee often especially at night; weak flow; urgently needing to go and the feeling of not completely emptying the bladder. The important message is if you have these new symptoms and they are persistent, get it checked out by your G.P.” Man up, check up”.

Prostate cancer is becoming more common. Over 11,000 men die each year in the UK with the disease. The good news is that more men than ever are surviving longer with prostate cancer. We need to make sure that all men are aware of these symptoms and not overlook them. Early diagnosis of cancer saves lives.”

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