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Anti Coagulation Service

A new anti-coagulation service model, which is delivered in the same community settings and within the hospital, has been implemented/

Patients’ feedback, as appropriate, has been incorporated within the new service specification which is being delivered by East Lancashire Hospital Trust.

This follows a CCG led patient satisfaction survey which was undertaken in December 2016 and January 2017. This survey was intended to inform the CCG of patient views and levels of satisfaction of the service provided prior to the service redesign which has been undertaken.

A total of fifty three patients were asked to complete a survey to assess the level of satisfaction amongst service users and if any changes or improvements to the service could be suggested. Of those questioned, 92 per cent said excellent or very good, with the remaining 8 per cent saying good and satisfied. From those who completed the questionnaire, 96% confirmed they were able to get an appointment which was convenient to them. Most people stated they were given their next appointment when they attended their appointment so this saved them time and stress trying to book appointments over the phone. The appointment system operated very smoothly and efficiently and patients were in and out of the clinic very quickly. The majority were satisfied with the access to the service, however one patient did remark that due to the building where the Anti-coagulation Service is provided being on a hill that this makes it more difficult to access than if it was provided on a flat road. From the three choices available from which to access the Anti-coagulation Service, most patients confirmed that they were quite happy to attend this clinic at their own GP practice or a health centre setting.  The responses indicated that they would not be happy about attending their appointment at the hospital.

Click here for a copy of the survey results Anti-Coagulant Services Review V6 (odt | 46.1 KiB)