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Dementia Awareness Event

Dementia Awareness Event

As part of Demen­tia Week, Health and social care organ­i­sa­tions across Black­burn with Dar­wen and East Lan­cashire will be hold­ing a demen­tia aware­ness event on Mon­day, 19 May 2014, at Turf Moor. The event is aimed at edu­cat­ing peo­ple with demen­tia, their fam­i­lies and pro­fes­sion­als, pro­vid­ing them with valu­able infor­ma­tion about demen­tia and the local ser­vices that are available.

There will be an inter­ac­tive mar­ket­place of work­shops for those affected by demen­tia. Vis­i­tors will be able to find out  how inno­va­tion in demen­tia is improv­ing care to sup­port peo­ple liv­ing at home.  A Vir­tual Demen­tia Tour will give vis­i­tors the oppor­tu­nity to sim­u­late what those with the con­di­tion expe­ri­ence and how it impacts their daily liv­ing. Symp­toms include mem­ory loss, mood changes, and prob­lems with com­mu­ni­cat­ing and reasoning.

Demen­tia Friend ses­sions will explain more about recog­nis­ing the early symp­toms of demen­tia and cre­ate a bet­ter under­stand­ing of how to help those with the con­di­tion. Car­ers wish­ing to attend will find sup­port and con­tacts in mak­ing their lives eas­ier and help improve ser­vices.  A demen­tia café will be at the event for vis­i­tors to meet and chat with peo­ple who under­stand about demen­tia in a relax­ing atmosphere.

The event is avail­able to EVERYONE

Those wish­ing to attend the Demen­tia Aware­ness Event, it is being held at the James Har­g­reaves Suite, Burn­ley Foot­ball Club (Turf Moor) 19 May 2014 from 10am–3.30pm. Organ­i­sa­tions are wel­come but you do need to book– max 2 places by reg­is­ter­ing directly on http://goo.gl/83I4S7, or by ring­ing 01772 536294. If trans­port to the event is a con­cern, please ring 01282 644880 for options avail­able and to make arrangements.

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