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It’s not too late to make changes to your lifestyle and your diet on World Diabetes Day

It’s not too late to make changes to your lifestyle and your diet on World Diabetes Day

Residents who are at risk of developing Diabetes are being targeted with help and advice on how to change their lifestyle and diet.

The project, which is part of the “Healthier You” programme, is aimed at patients whose blood test results show they are particularly at risk of developing the condition.

But a change in lifestyle and diet can reduce the risk dramatically or avoid it developing altogether.

NHS Blackburn with Darwen Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) also offers a free one day course (split over 2 half days) for patients with diabetes. They are given expert advice on easy ways to manage their calorie intake and general diet to ensure their health is good, whilst still enjoying their mealtimes and snacks.

Today marks World Diabetes Day (14 November).  It is a time when those affected by diabetes come together to raise awareness of the condition across the world.

Diabetes is a condition which generally falls into 2 categories: Type 1 which affects around 10% of the population and Type 2 which affects roughly 90% of the population.  Type 1 is usually diagnosed in children or young adults but it can develop at any time. Type 2 starts gradually is usually diagnosed in later life, however it is increasing being found in the younger age group.

The main symptoms of diabetes include:

  • Urinating more frequently (especially during the night)
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling very tired or thirsty
  • Cuts/wounds which heal slowly

GP Dr John Randall, Clinical Lead for Blackburn with Darwen CCG said:

“If you receive an invitation to attend the programme, I would urge you to take part. This condition can be delayed or prevented through a healthy lifestyle – up to 58 per cent of Type 2 diabetes cases can be turned around, according to Diabetes UK. It is never too late to make the change and change your life.”

If you would like to attend one of the diabetes support courses, or if you have previously attended and would like to offer feedback, contact Bethany Holden at bethany.holden2@nhs.net or Bethany Holden, Dr A Ali’s Office, Room 2005, Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, Simmons Street, Blackburn, BB2 1AX.