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GP Surgeries

Darwen Healthlink
Darwen Health Centre, James Street West, Darwen
Telephone 01254 226600
Website http://www.darwenhealthlink.nhs.uk


Umar Medical Centre
3 Lime Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 675367
Website http://www.umarmedicalcentre.nhs.uk

Branch surgery: 32 Railway Road, Darwen,  BB3 2RJ
Telephone 01254 287060

Darwen Healthcare
Darwen Health Centre, James Street West, Darwen
Telephone 01254 226691
Website http://www.darwenhealthcare.co.uk/‎


Bangor Street

Shifa Surgery
Bangor Street Health Centre, Bangor Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617440
Website http://www.shifasurgery.co.uk

Bentham Road Health Centre
Bentham Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617474
Website www.cornerstonepractice.com


Little Harwood Health Centre
Plane Tree Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617521
Website http://www.lhhc.co.uk


St Georges Surgery
62 Haslingden Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 584888
Website http://www.stgeorgessurgery.co.uk


RedlamRedlam Surgery
62 Redlam, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 260051
Website http://www.redlamsurgery.nhs.uk


Stepping Stone Practice
Audley Health Centre
Longton Close, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617411
Website http://www.audleyhealthcentre.net/

Spring-Fenisco Healthlink
Springfield Surgery, 102 Bolton Road, Darwen
Telephone 01254 701000
Fax 01254 761160
Website http://www.springfieldfeniscowleshealthlink.co.uk/contact‑s.html

Branch Surgery: Fenniscowles Surgery, 696 Preston Old Road, Blackburn, Telephone 01254 200783

GebbieLimefield Surgery
293 Preston New Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617630
Fax 01254 617642
Website http://www.limefieldsurgery.co.uk/home

WittonWitton Medical Centre
29–31 Preston Old Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617941
Website http://www.wittonmedicalcentre.nhs.uk

Pringle Street Surgery
216–218 Pringle Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 56612
Website http://www.pringlestreetsurgery.co.uk


Spring-Feniscowles Healthlink
696 Preston Old Road, Feniscowles, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 282870
Fax 01254 282875
Website http://www.springfieldfeniscowleshealthlink.co.uk/home‑f.html


Hollins Grove Surgery
153 Blackburn Road, Darwen
Telephone 01254 701961
Website www.hollinsgrovesurgery.com


Blakewater Healthcare
The Montague Practice
Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, Simmons Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617201


Ewood Medical Centre
431–433 Bolton Road, Ewood, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 679781
Website http://www.nhs.uk/Services/gp/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=40260

Branch Surgery: Ewood Surgery, 461 Bolton Road,
Blackburn, BB2 5HY Telephone 01254 54739

Oakenhurst Medical Practice
Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, Simmons Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617101
Website http://www.oakenhurstmedicalpractice.nhs.uk

Branch surgery: Mellor Surgery, St Mary’s Gardens, Mellor,
Blackburn, BB2 7JW Telephone 01254 812810


The Cornerstone Practice
Shadsworth Surgery, Shadsworth Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 618018
Website http://www.cornerstonepractice.com

Branch Surgery: Rhyddings Surgery, 71 Union Road, Oswaldtwistle, BB5 3DD Telephone 01254 618080
Branch Surgery: Lambeth Street Surgery, Lambeth Street, Blackburn, BB1 1LZ Telephone 01254 618070

Dr S K & N Nagpal
William Hopwood Street Surgery
William Hopwood Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 52522
Website http://www.hopwoodgp.com


Brownhill Surgery
788 — 792 Whalley New Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 247477
Website http://www.brownhillsurgery.nhs.uk

Branch surgery: Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, Simmons Street
Blackburn, BB2 1AX Telephone 01254 617168

Primrose Bank Medical Centre
Primrose Bank, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 672132
Website http://www.nhs.uk/Services/gp/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=37255

Branch surgery: Ewood Surgery, 461 Bolton Road, Blackburn, BB2 5HY
Telephone 01254 54739

Roman Road Health Centre
Fishmoor Drive, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 282777
Website http://www.nhs.uk/Services/gp/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=44478


The Waterside Practice
Waterside Health Centre, Infirmary Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 282950
Website http://www.watersidesurgery.co.uk/contact1.aspx


Blakewater Healthcare
367 Whalley New Road, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 618000
Website http://www.roe-lee-surgery.co.uk


The Family Practice
Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, Simmons Street, Blackburn
Telephone 01254 617301
Website http://www.nhs.uk/Services/gp/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=45211


Merger of Bentham Road Health Centre and Waterside Health Centre

The current five-year contract to provide services to the local population at Waterside and Bentham Road Health Centres, Blackburn, is due to end in April 2018.

As a result of this, NHS England and Blackburn with Darwen Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) invited providers to apply for the contract as part of a joint procurement for GP primary care services to be provided at one or both of the current sites.

After a full procurement process, the successful provider is Cornerstone Healthcare CIC.  They currently provide primary care services to both Bentham and Waterside Health Centre patients.

Cornerstone’s successful bid was to provide care for registered patients from the larger premises at Bentham Road Health Centre only.  This means the two practices will merge and all care will be provided from Bentham Road.

This means that with effect from Tuesday 3rd April 2018 (following the Easter Bank Holiday weekend), patients’ care will automatically transfer to Bentham Road. 

 From 3rd April 2018 Waterside Health Centre will not reopen as a result of the relocation.  The property is owned by NHS Property Services, and they will determine the future use of the building.

If patients from Waterside do not want to transfer to Bentham Road, they are able to register with another GP practice. A list of all local practices with availability has been provided to them. Information about local GP practices can also be found on the NHS website at www.nhs.uk

Anyone with concerns can call the Pennine Engagement Team, which covers Blackburn with Darwen and East Lancashire, on 01282 644627.