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Two GP practices in Hyndburn seek patient feedback on their proposals to merge and relocate

Two GP practices in Hyndburn seek patient feedback on their proposals to merge and relocate

Oswald Medical Practice and Myrtle House Surgery have been working together for a number of years with a shared clinical and management team but have now applied to formally merge together as one practice.

Oswald Medical Practice which has three sites; Oswaldtwistle, Hyndburn Medical Practice in Accrington, and Pritchard Street Surgery in Blackburn, together with Myrtle House Surgery in Accrington have applied to East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group to merge the contracts together and become one practice.

Patients won’t see any difference in the care or level of service that are provided; it will just support their administration function better and more efficiently. The merged practice will be known as Oswald Medical Centre.

However, part of their proposals is to reduce the number of sites from four to three and relocate Oswald Medical Practice, Myrtle House Surgery and Hyndburn Medical Practice. Pritchard Street Surgery will remain where it is.

The proposals are to relocate Myrtle House Surgery and Hyndburn Medical Practice into newly refurbished Aston House, 387-391 Blackburn Road, Accrington and Oswald Medical Practice into the former Kusum Medical Centre at 274 Union Road, Oswaldtwistle.

Rita Naylor, Senior Business Development Manager at the practices, said: “For some time now, the GP partners have been aware that the premises at Myrtle House are becoming unfit for the purpose of providing modern day GP services, as well as not meeting accessibility standards and having very little if any parking provision. The advantages of moving to Aston House means that more modern premises would make sure our patients have access to up-to-date facilities whilst still being able to consult the same members of the team who will all transfer to the Aston House site. The added bonus is that the surgery will have parking provision.

“Hyndburn Medical Practice which is currently located within Acorn Primary Care Centre is in an NHS managed building and gives us very little control over opening times and the management of the surgery. With an increase in patient list size since the closure of other local GP practices, we also require more consultation space.”

Oswald Medical Practice is currently in leased premises which the owners are looking to sell. Again, the premises are unfit for purpose and require extensive refurbishment and investment to bring them up to standard.

Rita said: “We propose relocating to the former Kusum Medical Centre as this is owned by the current GP partners who are intending to restore it to modern day clinical premises.

“I’d like to reassure our patients that all of our existing doctors, nurses, reception and administration teams will move to the new sites. There will be no job losses. We will offer the same services to patients 5 days a week as we do now. Even with the reduction in the number of sites, there will be no reduction in amount of appointments that we offer.

“We appreciate that the proposals to merge surgeries and relocate may be concerning to some patients and are therefore seeking their views on our proposals, and to understand what, if any, the impact may be. All comments will be taken into consideration.”

Patients can feedback their comments by:
• Calling on: 01254 617715 / 282609 / 617722 / 282610
• Email: rita.naylor@nhs.net
• Call in to the surgery
• Complete an online questionnaire online at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/22V3M3M or ask at any of the receptions for a paper copy

The closing date for comments is Wednesday 6th March 2019.